My eight plus years of writing adding/deleting segments, editing, and picture selection, has finally produced a product, “The Rest is Up to You.”

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When Matt was 18 his car slid off the road and hit a telephone/utility pole, and the transformer crashed down hitting him and the car. Doctors did not think he would even live due to the plethora of injuries he sustained, capped off with massive head trauma. After spending more than 10 weeks in a comatose state he woke up, and the so called "experts" told Matt that he would likely never walk but be a paraplegic for the rest of his life. He beat the odds but had to relearn everything. With determination and hard work Matt returned to walking, speaking, and driving, and he graduated with his bachelor and master degrees from The Ohio State University! He now travels and speaks to high schools, athletic teams, colleges, churches, and youth groups telling the audience his story and encouraging them not to give up no matter how bad the situation looks. Failure is nothing more than the first step to success in the next trial. Matt shows his listeners that others can help but only so much, "The Rest is up to you."

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A powerful slide show, 49 slides long created by me , can be seen in the middle of the embedded promotional video just below the recommendations on this page.  If you are unable to view any of the Youtube videos, I strongly suggest watching them on a computer you can.  The first video, just above this text, shows actual clips of me speaking during one my presentations. The video at the very bottom was put together with still photos taken at my Wayne Trace engagement. Just turn your speakers on, press play, and enjoy! Also please check out several recommendations from different places I have spoken. I look forward to speaking to your group.

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